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Leaving your boat under the VI-SA-GB legacy scheme

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VI-SA-GB Leaving your boat as a legacy

After successfully launching the VI-SA-GB Gifting your boat scheme at the 2012 Tullett Prebon London International Boat show we have seen a tremendous amount of interest from boat owners who are concerned with being able to get the most use from their boats.

Most of us have wandered around a marina or boat yard and thought to ourselves just how many times a year do these boats leave their moorings? The facts are that potentially, many of the boats we see may leave the sanctuary of their mooring less than half a dozen times per year.

Conflicting pressures on owners can often mean that boats are sadly neglected for months on end.

At the same time maintenance costs and marina costs can escalate and boat owners often find their once cherrished possession is now a huge financial drain.


Why should I leave my boat to VI-SA-GB In my will?


This is a question often asked when we or others suggest leaving their boat in their will to VI-SA-GB

By leaving your boat to VI-SA-GB, you will retain the ability to enjoy your boat as you get older, secure in the peace of mind that when you die it will not become a tax liability to your family.

Even where your boat is moored outside the UK, it will immediately cease to be a liability or incur further costs against your estate.

Using the VI-SA-GB Leave your boat scheme boat owners are able to successfully Manage Inheritance Tax

Assets which are left to charities in Wills are exempt from Inheritance Tax. This means, boat owners can use the current market value of their boat to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax their family will owe after they die.

Where the value of an estate is over the Inheritance tax threshold, a boat owner can remove the value of their boat from their estate when they die.

Inheritance tax benefits include:

  • No Inheritance Tax is paid on the gifts of assets to a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) with charitable status
  • If the current market value of a boat takes an estate over the inheritance tax threshold, by leaving the boat to charity the estate will be relieved of any inheritance tax proportionate to the value of the boat
  • The value of a charitable gift is deducted from the calculated estate valuation
  • If the boat represents 10% or more of the value of the estate, leaving the boat as a legacy will reduce the tax on the taxable estate from 40% to 36%

Working in partnership with Berthon logo Berthon - Synonymous with yachting since 1877 and through our partnerships with Yachting Lawyers logo Yachting (opens in a new window) we'd be glad to help with your Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains planning.

This is an area that is often overlooked by many brokers and boat owners alike.


What would VI-SA-GB do with the legacy of my boat?


VI-SA-GB will use any suitable boats to further our aims of empowering visually impaired people to progress as sailing enthusiasts with independence and equality.

An important consideration is always the costs of maintaining boats, VI-SA-GB sometimes; reluctantly, has to sell gifts of assets. We then use the proceeds from the sale of the boat to purchase, adapt, and maintain a suitable yacht for the exclusive use of blind and partially sighted members.

VI-SA-GB is a not for profit organisation run and led by Visually impaired sailing enthusiasts for the benefit of visually impaired people.

What types of boat would help VI-SA-GB?

VI-SA-GB is currently seeking (donated) sailing yachts, especially offshore -cruising yachts, newer or older vintage, Cutter, Bermuda rig, or Ketch, able to accommodate a crew of 8 or more for extended periods of time at sea.

If you have any type of boat at all, and are unsure of its suitability for use by VI-SA-GB or whether it could be considered for approval for either the VI-SA-GB Leave your boat, or VI-SA-GB Donate your boat schemes please contact us or Berthon - Synonymous with yachting since 1877 Complete the form and someone from VI-SA-GB will contact you by return

please complete the form below: - an asterix(*) denotes a required field.

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The Visually Impaired Sailing Association of Great Britain receives no statutory funding and is entirely dependent on donations, gifts, and contributions from companies, trusts and private individuals. SAIL BLIND - Our 2014/2016 campaign to raise £1,500000

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